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Committed: Hellblazer – DC Shoot Themselves in the Foot (again)

Today I found out that Hellblazer is cancelled, and John Constantine is moving into the main, general DC universe (see the CBR piece for more about the mechanics on that.)

Unable to come up with any decent new ideas, DC has gone from fiddling with one 30 year old Alan Moore creation – Watchmen – to messing up another: Hellblazer. Of course DC has forced itself to continue this practice of pillaging it’s own powerful history of creations because it has hobbled the creation of new ideas. A champion against creators rights, and infamously instituting a policy of marketing-driven, decision-making-by-committee, the comic book publisher has become a bastion of tired ideas and restrictively tedious comic books. In this brave new world, there is obviously no space for a renegade division like Vertigo, and the gradual dismantling continues apace, as they hand the reigns of Constantine over to an American writer and place John Constantine (a characters who’s very raison d’etre is the juxtaposition of his own very British strangeness within the mundane “real” world) in the DC universe

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Committed: What British Comic Writers Learned from Thatcher

If a cigar can be just a cigar, and not some obvious phallic symbol to be endlessly sucked and played with, then can a superhero ever be just a superhero, or is it always representative of a deeper, more complex need within us?

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Comics: The most versatile art form?

I was going to call this “Comics are awesome,” but I guess Bill Reed has already cornered the market on that title! Oh, and SPOILERS below, in case spoilering things bothers you. And some minor NSFW work stuff, too. Man, I’m out of control!
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Committed: Marshal Law – The Most Underrated Book in Comics

041410_marshallawIn the 80’s a small handful of books changed comics. Marshal Law was one of them. It hasn’t been widely hailed as the seminal work of ground-breaking anti-superhero fiction, or a classic tale of the dangers of unquestioningly pandering to popular opinion, but this is exactly what it is. Continue Reading »

Committed: Issues with Back Issues, pt. 1

022410_comics2Last week, on my last day in London visiting the house I grew up in, I decided to tackle my comic book collection. This is a pretty sparse little pile of boxes, taking up some space in my dad’s office. I really wasn’t sure what state they’d be in, or how I’d be able to find them (my dad’s way of storing things is… interesting to say the least), but I was pretty determined. After a day of moving the things that were in front of and on top of the boxes (it turned out he’d put boards on top of them and made them a table to hold a tv and other assorted detritus), we managed to unearth a rather neat little time capsule spanning my comic book collecting years of 1981-1995. Continue Reading »

I Hate To Bring Up The Damn Watchmen Movie Again,

especially since it’s off the wider cultural radar now that the South Park parody’s out there, and comics have also moved on, but I really have to throw this out there; is the actor who played the Comedian having a kid he didn’t know about ironic, or art immitating life, or what?

Does this mean Jackie Earl Haley’s getting vaporized in the arctic by a naked, god like Billy Crudup? Does anyone around here care? I can already feel Apdodaca rolling his eyes, but what about the less permanently jaded? Will any of you post comments, which I am not likely courageous enough to read, lest my fragile ego be diced by your sharp criticisms, which will clear this up for me?

Cracked Shows How The Watchmen Movie Could Have Been Worse

Well, that’s the idea, at least. To be honest, some of the things in this are better than anything in the movie or the book. Like this:

DR. MANHATTAN grapples with THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION, the pair of them rolling outside where they grow to titanic size, striding across the Antarctic landscape, exchanging helicopter kicks and ion blasts. They lock in a clench, eyes burning. Suddenly THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION breaks his grasp, twisting his opponent around. From behind, he seizes DR. MANHATTAN by his DIAPER, yanking it violently upward. A CRY emits from DR. MANHATTAN’s mouth that splits the heavens. A sick grin spreads across THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION’s face, as he twists the diaper in his cruel hands. Suddenly the diaper rips, freeing DR. MANHATTAN. He falls to the ground and immediately sweeps the leg, sending THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION to a distant galaxy with his mighty blow.

Which sounds like Watchmen as filtered through the ISB. Which I believe trumps all of the literary and storytelling merit of the original. Hopefully Zack Snyder films this scene (and the alternate ending) for the DVD.

Funny Or Die Comic Movie Sketch Two-In-One!

Lex Luthor Bailout, starring Jon Hamm The pay off on this one is great. And hey, I like Hamm better in the role than Kevin Spacey!

Nerds pay to watch Malin Akerman sleep It is what it says in the link. I’d make a Mike Sterling joke about the 30-something guys dressed as Swamp Thing but:

1. He just turned 40.
2. I said I didn’t like his blog that one time, so I’m pretty sure I don’t have the right.

Watchmen Squashed By Most Electrifying Man In Family Entertainment, Box Office Plunges

So, yeah, that happened this weekend. One of Warner’s excecutives is quoted in the article as citing similar drops in X-Men III and Fantastic Four II. Those are certainly two movies I never expected to see mentioned in relation to Watchmen. Well, them and Sex and the City.

Hey Look! A Watchmen Webcomic! Sort Of!

You can check out the adventures of Lil’ Rorshach and his two guardians, Nite Owl and Dr. Manhattan, here, at Lord KC Green, of Inkerton Manor’s Gun Show (hey, that’s the only name on the site).

The link is to the first in the series of Watchmen themed comics; you can check out the rest by hitting next comic. The latest is a pretty great take on the prison sequence from the book. Thanks to my random link hookup Conan for directing me to these!

WWE’s Promoting The Watchmen Movie?

Yes, it is! Well, at least that’s what that handsome devil at Pulse Wrestling, Brad Curran*, is reporting. He’s never steared me wrong in the past.

And he didn’t this time, either, because you can find the evidence here! He truly is a king among men! And single, too! Ladies, take note! He also spells Rorschach perfectly. He certainly never spelled it like “raw shark.” No sir!

*Yes, I’m linking to my own post from another site. I am fully aware this level of self indulgence could make in the internet implode. That’s just a risk I’m willing to take to amuse myself.

Oh Yeah! Two Other Things I Hated In the Watchmen Movie!

I should pretty well cap any Watchmen movie talk with this, lest I make this a recurring feature, but here are two annoying things about the movie that I totally forgot about earlier. Continue Reading »

10 Things I Hated About The Watchmen Movie

Okay, now I’ve had time to think about all the things that really annoyed me about the Watchmen movie. Let’s see how much I can contradict this! Continue Reading »

A Fortnight’s Worth Of Comic Reviews/Thoughts

Reviews and thoughts on some comics that don’t have controversial big budget movie adaptations in cinemas nationwide as I type. Yet. Continue Reading »


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