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Committed: The Dangerous Ideas of Grant Morrison’s “Marvel Boy”

042413_marvelboyThis week I picked up the trade paperback of Marvel Boy, (originally published in 6 issues between 2000 – 2001) by Grant Morrison and Jeff G. Jones. The main character of Kree diplomat, Noh-Varr, lone survivor of an accidental shipwreck, is a charming, irreverent, unpredictable one. His love interest / sparring partner, Oubliette, daughter of our hero’s one true enemy (in true star-crossed lovers fashion) is a fantastic series of contradictions. The issues and ideas which are the playground of this book are deceptively entertaining, giving us plenty to digest and think about once the book is finished. It gives credence to the concept put forth within the book, that ideas have a life of their own, not as a metaphor, but as a concrete reality.

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What I bought – 17 August 2011

dearest abbie who told me that in a sick society a symbol will always become a commodity (Tommy Trantino, from Lock the Lock)

Everyone out of the pool! It's not as bad as it looks Shit hits the fan! Just your standard excellent Fables cover! You mean people with different colored eyes are ... mutants?!?!? Wait, something unpleasant going on in a John Constantine comic?  Alert the media! Visual Hamlet puns never go out of fashion! Simon looks pretty smug This is a bit generic, but it's better than the last few So many O-faces! I'm guessing nursing is out of the question? You can't go wrong with a machete! It's in landscape! Dayum!
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