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Committed: Kyle Baker’s “Why I Hate Saturn”

Kyle Baker has posted small versions of his graphic novels on his website for everyone to read for free. I’m hoping that this will lead more people to discover the subtle genius that is “Why I Hate Saturn”, along with many of his other very clever, funny, beautiful, eclectic books.

For many years, Why I Hate Saturn was one of my favorite comic books, it was funny, silly, clever and wise. I gave it to at least three different friends so they would understand me a little better. This story  highlights all of the things that work in society, (as well as the many things that don’t), and it makes me laugh while it does it. When I was growing into myself, it demystified a very awkward phase I was going through and the confusing changes in the ways that the world was responding to me. Even though that particular awkward phase is done, there are always new ones and this is still a book which is dear to my heart.

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Committed: Deadpool MAX – Doing It Wrong

With a Lapham/Baker Deadpool MAX, my expectations were high, but it is possible that someone mixed up the contracts. Hiring Kyle Baker to write Deadpool MAX with David Lapham to draw it would make so much sense. Instead Lapham shows that he is more than capable of writing some seriously nasty stuff, but his humor is distinctly mean-spirited and Baker’s art only compounds the misery.

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Random Comic Thoughts: Its a Saturday Night, I’m In My Sexual Prime!

And I want to talk about comics and video games. Which could be why I’m letting that whole sexual prime thing go to waste. Continue Reading »


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