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Flippin’ through Previews – August 2016

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A year ago, I asked Travis if he’d like to do these posts with me, mainly because his comments on my solo posts were so frickin’ long. I haven’t gotten sick of him yet, so let’s celebrate the anniversary with a post about Previews #335!!!!
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Flippin’ through Previews – March 2016

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I can almost get past the cover of Previews #330 without bursting into laughter, but it’s really difficult! Let’s check it out!
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Flippin’ through Previews – November 2015


Will Travis ramble on about stuff? Will I put up with it? Will I be far too snooty? All these questions will be answered as we go behind the curtain and check out Previews #326!
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Say It With Manga – Apocalypse Edition


While many manga series (and other comics, and novels, and movies…) take place after some apocalypse or other, series that are actually about an apocalypse are much rarer, comparatively speaking.  There’s plenty of stuff that deals with zombie apocalypse, but unspecified military, social, or freak occurrence apocalypses always make for interesting reads, espeically when a group of characters is trying to prepare for or prevent it.

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Say It With Manga – The Left-to-Right-Headed Stepchild Edition


This week, it’s the hotly-contested category of non-Japanese manga up for discussion.  There are many sides to this debate, but the main arguments are that “manga” should be anything produced in Japan versus “manga” being a style.  In general, most use a strict definition that manga is produced in Japan by Japanese artists in the Japanese language, which is rather un-ambiguous.  “Manga” is used by many companies to market domestically-produced series to teens, and once upon a time, other Asian comics as well.  Still, there’s nothing wrong with a good manga-influenced style, and with modern forays into domestically-produced manga (OEL, Global Manga, or whatever you’d like to label it), the line between gets blurrier and blurrier.  This week, I’m looking at 3 different series, all aimed at teenage girls (as that’s what I have handy right now), but for each one, I’ll discuss how much it is or isn’t like a manga.


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Say It With Manga – Monarchy in Manga Edition


It’s fair to say that I use these topics to tie three unrelated series together for no real reason.  I enjoy this format, because it gives me a chance to take the good with the bad, and to force myself to dredge up series I may have read eight years ago and completely forgotten.  This topic is particularly arbitrary, and is broad enough to use again.  But for now, here’s a look at three real people depicted fictitiously in manga. Unfortunately, I have no American Presidents for you (I was initially going for a more general bio-manga theme).  I couldn’t think of any series where a real President was a primary character.  Golgo 13 and Adolf, which I’ve already talked about, have Presidents in bit parts.  There is Eagle, about a fictitious Japanese-American President running against fictitious Al Gore, but I haven’t read it, and it would feel unfair to summarize such an ambitious work in one paragraph with no personal knowledge.  But here’s three I have read, one from ancient Japan and two from late 19th century Europe.


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Say It With Manga, 12/6/12

Welcome again to Say It With Manga.  This week, I once again cover three manga series in three different genres in brief.  A trip to the mountains, the classroom, and a crazed city are in order this week, I think.


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Say It With Manga, 11/29/12

Hello and welcome to Say It With Manga, where I’ll be talking about a handful of manga in brief every week. I’ll read just about anything, and here I’ll be discussing it by genre.  The genres should shift every week, although it’s likely that action and romance will make frequent appearances, as there are many fine series that fall into those categories.


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Flippin’ through Previews – March 2010

Yes, it’s that time of the month again for Previews! You know you want to!
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