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Ultimate Guide to Music Albums Drawn by Comic Book Artists | Comics Should Be Good @ CBR

Do note that I’m not counting covers where the comic book artist just did, say, the logo or just designed the cover.

Alphabetical by Artist, then Chronological by Album

Adams, Neal

The Mighty Groundhogs, Who will save the world? (1972)

Bill la Bounty, Promised Love (1975)

Allred, Michael

The Gear, Son of Red Rocket 7 (1998)

Bagge, Peter

George Thorogood & the Destroyers, Haircut (1993)

The Action Suits, “Visualize Ballard”/”Cancer Father” (1996) singles

Gays in the Military, People is Beautiful (2005)

Balent, Jim

Iced Earth, Days of Purgatory (1997)

Bisley, Simon

Danzig, Thrall: Demonsweatlive (1993)

Burns, Charles

Various Artists, Sub-pop 200 (1988)

Iggy Pop, Brick by Brick (1990)

Byrne, John

Joe Satriani, Surfing With the Alien (1987) (Art was used for album without asking Byrne)

Chaykin, Howard

The Hood, Cooler Than Thou (1987)

Collins, Mike

ShyFX and T-Power, Set it Off (2002)

(Mike was nice enough to send in this cover himself)

Cowan, Denys

Genius/GZA, Liquid Swords (1995)

Crumb, Robert

Big Brother & the Holding Company, Cheap Thrills (1968)

Gibbons, Dave

Kula Shaker, K (1994)

Jusko, Joe

Overlord X, X Versus the World (1990)

McFarlane, Todd

Lizzy Borden, Deal with the Devil (2000)

Ross, Alex

Anthrax, We’ve Come for you All (2003)

Anthrax, Music of Mass Destruction: Live from Chicago, (2004) (front and back cover)

Severin Marie

Pink Floyd, Saucerful of Secrets (1968)

(As you see, they chopped up her art without permission into a collage – she is not credited by the band)

Sharp, Joe and Rob

Airbourne, No Guts, No Glory (2010)

(The Sharps were nice enough to share the cover with me)

Sienkiewicz, Bill

EPMD, Business as Usual (1990)

Bruce Cockburn, The Charity of Night (1996)

RZA, RZA as Bobby Digital in Stereo (1998)

TenNapel, Doug

Five Iron Frenzy, Our Newest Album Ever! (1997)

Texeira, Mark

Public Enemy, Muse Sick-n-Hour Mess Age (1994)

Van Sciver, Ethan

Winger, IV (2006)

Warrenfeltz, Jacob

The Franchise, To the Rescue! (2006)

Windsor-Smith, Barry

The Byrds, Preflyte (1973 Columbia re-issue)


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